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Risk control and compliance

Risk control and compliance

The fraud and risk management of Pay For Asia provides merchants with greater control. Pay For Asia understands your needs very well and provides you with payment solutions for different industries, real-time transaction pattern analysis, comprehensive and multi-degree big data analysis can effectively avoid risks and reduce bank fines.

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Standardized service procedures and a full range of three-dimension payment experience can help your website quickly built up a powerful online payment system, and solve payment problems in e-commerce.

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Merchant Service

Merchant Service

Keeping up with the development trend of technology, Pay For Asia adopts the front-end and back-end separation software architecture model to upgrade the merchant back-end. Standardized service process, 24/7 service would provide you with safe, convenient, professional, simple and diverse technical service solutions.

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Provide you the better payment solutions

We Offer New Features


More intelligent and intuitive data display, which can customize daily, monthly, and annual transaction data according to your needs


A variety of terminal devices to log in to meet your needs for logging in and inquiries from different devices anytime, anywhere


The flow of funds and information is clear and transparent, making your financial reconciliation simpler


Strict fund supervision, sound system, encrypted data transmission and storage, escort your fund safety


Abundant payment channels, support multiple transaction currencies, and help you accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and other credit card payments online


7x24 hours online service to provide you with full online payment service


Provide payment solutions for different industries, comprehensive and multi-angle big data analysis, which can effectively avoid risks for you and reduce bank fines


Keep up with the forefront of technology, customize technical services, and present you the latest technological development trends in time

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