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standardized service process, comprehensive and three-dimensional payment experience, help your website quickly built with a powerful online payment system, and solve payment problems in e-commerce.

Background introduction

Established in 2013, Pay For Asia is a third-party payment company focusing on the application needs of e-commerce enterprises. The company is committed to analyzing and researching enterprise application requirements, developing and promoting online payment application systems, and providing one-stop payment solutions for enterprises, merchants and electronic payment companies. We aim to provide a more complete payment service system and aspire to become the most reliable third-party payment service provider. Besides, the company mainly provides cross-border transaction related technical services and solutions such as foreign card acquiring gateway system, transaction anti-fraud, risk compliance system, and big data management for cross-border merchants and companies.


Company team

PayForAsia is headquartered in Shenzhen, close to Hong Kong, and in line with international standards. It has an operation and management team composed of senior third-party payment management personnel, excellent financial circles, and top technical personnel.


Company Vision

PayForAsia is committed to creating an online payment platform with the "most professional", "safest" and "best service" based on the concept of "efficient, safe, and high-quality service.


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