Wind control system

Risk Management

Detecting risk deeply by Big data analysis, accurately match the risk control model according to the characteristics of the merchant industry, form a systematic risk management ability beforehand + during the event + after the event, and resist more than 99% of transaction risks. This is the reason for you to choose us with confidence!

Compliance monitoring

By providing you with payment solutions for different industries, combined with comprehensive and multi-angle big data analysis, it can effectively avoid risks for you and reduce bank fines.

Dispute warning

The complete data early warning system can quickly identify and judge abnormal situations, and notify relevant risk control personnel for a rapid confirmation and processing, which can effectively prevent fraud or avoid it escalate to chargebacks, and increase the acceptance rate.


With the help of big data, intelligent algorithms and custom rules for fraud detection, manual participation is streamlined and fraud losses are minimized.
To be efficiency and accuracy with massive data and a maintainable rule system.

Third-party risk control services

Pay For Asia cooperates with other leading risk control service providers in the field, also engage with its own risk control system to escort merchants' transactions.

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