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Standardized service process, all-round, three-dimensional payment experience, help your website quickly built with a powerful online payment system, solve the payment problems in e-commerce.

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We have provided solutions for many industries and are the trusted choice of many customers for payment services.

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With years of working with our clients, we know our clients that they think highly of a solution with featured as easy processing, full function back ends, timely settlement , high approvals and transparent fees and what’s more important,it must be safe and help them reduce the abnormal orders. We are capable of providing what you need.

What do we offer?

A good solution never be the end of serving our clients. We support customized payment solution along with our full featured Merchant account. You will have all your questions answered by our dedicated customer service representative.

Electronics industry

Clothing industry

Hardware Industry

Commodity Industry

Catering and Tourism Industry

Toy industry

Why choose us?

As a payment solution provider, we adhere to the principle of mutual benefit, integrity management, common growth to provide our customers worldwide with our best quality service.

The foremost of technology in the field

Pay For Asia is equip with a management team that composed of senior third-party payment management personnel, excellent financial circles, and top technical personnel, the team stay keeping learning and master whats needed for the business, which also keep us stay competitive over other payment solution providers.

How to growing

We keep close with our clients, and solve any potential problem that may impact sales. Risk prevention tool and smart routing system promotes the sales transformation rate, real-time transaction monitoring and intuitive data display option can be a very good helper for growing your business.

How to be safe for running the business

Fraudulent transaction would stop your business, a safe and smart gateway must be applied for online business for preventing the risk you will be facing at. The self-own risk detecting tools and the engagement of third party tools in the field would enhance the security of the whole process for online business.

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